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Vaccination Policy


Our team at Dickson General Practice are committed to offering optimal health care and catering to your health needs.

It has been a tough 2 years for all of us with Covid and has impacted us all in different ways. With the roll out of vaccines, it has offered us a sliver of hope for a sense of normalcy. As ACT records the highest double dosed vaccination rates in Australia, we have implemented a vaccination policy which opens up face to face consultations for patients who have at least one covid-19 vaccination and for patients who are unvaccinated, we continue to offer telehealth appointments with the option of coming in at the end of the day to be reviewed by the doctor if deemed necessary.

After deep consideration, we have opened up an alternative for patients who have yet to receive a covid-19 vaccination which is to receive a Rapid Antigen Test at the clinic at their own expense of $15 and once the results return negative, they are able to attend a consultation in person. Please call reception to book this appointment as you will need to arrive 15 minutes before your consultation to ensure sufficient time for testing.

We ask that you have your proof of vaccination ready for reception to record in your file and to have a face mask on you when entering the clinic. If you have cold and flu-like symptoms or have been identified as a close contact, we ask that you bring proof of a negative covid swab test result or opt for a telehealth consult.

Our billings remain the same for telehealth options and if you need to be reviewed in person on the same day, you will be charged a single consult . However, if the issue is able to be resolved through a telehealth and a follow up review is only needed at a later date, it will be considered as separate consults as medical advice and treatment were offered on 2 separate days.

We are trying our best to protect our community and most importantly, the elderly and young ones who are vulnerable to COVID , and we hope you understand the measures we have taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment to continue offering care to everyone.

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