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Mange your road to recovery with us

Workplace injuries covered under workers compensation require regular medical appointments to manage and assess your recovery. Our doctors can help support your recovery by pointing you in the right direction and providing advice on your unique circumstances.

Getting the support you need

Supporting recovery for injuries often involves a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, specialists and allied health professionals. Our doctors can act as a central point of call and help direct you to the best professional to support your recovery.

We’re also able to help support you by providing the relevant medical documents that your insurer needs to ensure you’re able to access the care you need. Book in to speak to our experienced doctors today. Your care is in good hands when booking with us.

Certificates and return to work checks

Your cover under workers compensation insurance often involves regular medical checks and assessments.

Our experienced doctors are able to complete WorkCover medical certificates that can be provided to your insurer. Speak to reception or book an appointment for a review or certificate by clicking the button below.


It is not easy to entrust your health or that of your loved ones to just about anyone.

At DGP, we believe in earning that trust rather than just saying you can trust us.

This takes time as we ask that you give us enough time and opportunity as everyone one is different and every body is different.


While it is great to be in someone else’s shoes to know how they are feeling, it is not really possible. But, we know what it is to be navigating through a complex medical system when actually also worried about your health condition, uncertainty of the outcome and the expenses. The toll it might have on you family life and work.


Staff at DGP believe that everyone deserves the best healthcare . 

We aim to provide a holistic, unbiased, non-judgemental , patient-centred care.

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