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Jetting off? Speak to us to stay protected

Ensure you’re well prepared and protected for your journey by booking in for a travel consultation well before you’re set to fly. We’ll make sure you’re vaccinated, stocked up and fit to fly to wherever you want to go.

Staying happy and healthy as you travel

The types of vaccinations you should get varies depending on where you travel and when you were last vaccinated. That’s why, our experienced doctors provide personalised travel advice to ensure your risk of contracting infectious diseases while traveling is minimalised by either vaccinations or medications.


Don’t wait until the week you’re travelling, instead book in today to discuss your travel to ensure we’re able to update your vaccinations and have you ready to travel.

Check your immunity

If you can’t remember what vaccinations you’ve received, we can check your immunity for you. There are a lot of endemic diseases in popular tourist destinations, a lot of which can be vaccinated against.

Visit our clinic today, and we’ll arrange blood tests to check for immunity against regular vaccinations such as Hep A, Hep B, Hep C, Polio, Measles, Mumps and Rubella.  


It is not easy to entrust your health or that of your loved ones to just about anyone.

At DGP, we believe in earning that trust rather than just saying you can trust us.

This takes time as we ask that you give us enough time and opportunity as everyone one is different and every body is different.


While it is great to be in someone else’s shoes to know how they are feeling, it is not really possible. But, we know what it is to be navigating through a complex medical system when actually also worried about your health condition, uncertainty of the outcome and the expenses. The toll it might have on you family life and work.


Staff at DGP believe that everyone deserves the best healthcare . 

We aim to provide a holistic, unbiased, non-judgemental , patient-centred care.

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