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If you’re living with any of the following chronic conditions, we’re ready to help

Choose to be supported by someone who understands

Many Australians live with chronic disease and illnesses. Take control of your disease management by speaking to one of our experienced doctors today. We’ll help you maintain your independence and stay as healthy as possible. Reach out by clicking the button below.

How can a general practitioner help with chronic disease?

We understand how overwhelming it can be managing a chronic illness. Having a cohesive multi-disciplinary team backing you and supporting your chronic illness makes a big difference, and all starts with your general practitioner.

Our doctors will help you manage the progression of your disease and help you choose the specialists and allied health professional that will most benefit your unique needs as they change.


It is not easy to entrust your health or that of your loved ones to just about anyone.

At DGP, we believe in earning that trust rather than just saying you can trust us.

This takes time as we ask that you give us enough time and opportunity as everyone one is different and every body is different.


While it is great to be in someone else’s shoes to know how they are feeling, it is not really possible. But, we know what it is to be navigating through a complex medical system when actually also worried about your health condition, uncertainty of the outcome and the expenses. The toll it might have on you family life and work.


Staff at DGP believe that everyone deserves the best healthcare . 

We aim to provide a holistic, unbiased, non-judgemental , patient-centred care.

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