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Our Services

Whether you’re feeling unwell, are worried about any aspect of your health or want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent health issues we have a range of services we can offer to help serve our community.

Emergency and acute care

At Dickson General Practice we are able to provide consultations for pains, cuts, wounds, colds, infections, etc. 

However, if you are experiencing Chest pain or tightness, severe difficulty breathing, severe vomiting etc, please call 000 or present to the Emergency.

Maternal and Child Health

All Doctors at DGP can provide prenatal care ( advise on pregnancy planning ) , antenatal care ( care during pregnancy) and post natal care ( care in the weeks and months following delivery).


Almost all non-emergency medical problems should begin with a GP visit, and the GP will refer your child to a specialist if needed.

It is important to have your own regular GP who knows you and your children, and who has access to your complete medical history. This will allow the GP to develop an understanding of your family’s health needs so they can decide on the best treatment for you.

We offer assessment, treatment and advice for children and young people with:

  • provide immunisations
  • monitor children’s health and development
  • treat non-serious accidents (e.g. cuts that need stitches, minor bangs to the head etc)
  • talk about your personal concerns and stresses
  • make referrals to other service providers and support agencies
Childhood vaccines and other immunisations

Routine childhood vaccinations and Govt funded vaccinations are revised at DGP at no cost to eligible patients.

Please book an appointment with the nurse and if unsure which vaccinations, please organise with your GP.

Womens health needs keep changing during different phases of life and they often forget to look after themselves while looking after their families. 

At DGP, we try and provide as many services as possible under one roof  for your convenience. 

Services include Contraception, Medical Termination of Pregnancy, STI screenings, Cervical Screening ( Pap Smears), HRT, and other preventative health care including mental health.

Medical termination of pregnancy

Doesn’t require anaesthesia or surgery, instead uses medications for the purpose of stopping the pregnancy.

A “medical” termination may only be performed early in pregnancy. This involves taking 2 different types of medication, the first an “anti-progesterone” to stop the pregnancy growing and the other a ‘prostaglandin-like medication’ (taken 36-48 hours later) to expel the pregnancy tissue from the uterus.

If you are considering having a medical termination of pregnancy, prior to you being administered any medication you will have a consultation with the doctor. The doctor will take a medical history and conduct an ultrasound to determine the site of the pregnancy and to make sure it corresponds with dates.

Men’s Health

DGP provides General Check ups, management for Erectile dysfunction, STI screens, Prostate Checks and Mental Health Treatment. 

Chronic medical conditions need to be managed appropriately  and in a timely manner to prevent worsening of the condition and the complications they may case. 

All Doctors are well versed with management of Chronic Conditions. Patient Education has been proven to improve  treatment compliance and  health outcomes.

Monthly Skin cancer clinics

Skin cancer is one of the major killers in Australia. It is strongly  advised that all adults should be screened regularly for any potential skin cancers. 

Dr. Pillalamarry and Dr. Padala have a special interest in Skin Cancer Medicine with Dr. Pillalamarry having an Advance Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine.

Full body skin checks are conducted on the last Friday of every month.

Please click here for details and instructions.

Minor Surgeries

Suturing of minor lacerations, removal of skin lesions and skin cancers, Implanon insertions and removals, Mirena removals, Ingrown toenail removals etc. Please talk to reception or leave a message on our chatbot (the bottom right) if you are looking for any other service.

Health Assessments and Management Plans

Health assessments provide the opportunity for your GP to undertake an in-depth assessment of your health. The assessment will cover medical, physical, psychological, and social aspects of health. A health assessment also provides you an opportunity to raise any concerns that you may have about your health, such as hearing difficulties or sleeping problems. You will see the nurse for 45 minutes and then your doctor.

A health assessment will check on several areas:

  • Your recent health
  • Any difficulties with mood, memory, or sleep
  • Whether you have seen other doctors or health workers in the last the six months
  • Smoking/alcohol/nutrition/exercise
  • Living arrangements and home safety
  • Social support
  • Mobility
  • Medications
  • Immunisations
  • An examination of your weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, feet, vision, hearing and other areas which may come up during assessment.
  • ECG

Medicare pays a rebate for health assessments.

Aged Care

As we grow older, our body undergoes an inevitable wear and tear. While everybody is different, in general people over 65 years tend to need more attention to their health care.

Their health needs can become complex due to multiple medical conditions and medications. Regular check-ups and screenings are necessary to maintain good Quality of Life and to provide all necessary services to keep patients safely at their home for as long as possible.

You could be travelling for work related purposes or a holiday. In any case, you would not want to get sick while you are travelling.

Please talk to any of the Doctors for vaccination recommendations for the place you are going to. 

NB: Consultations are non Medicare Rebateable

Injury at work is not uncommon. All Doctors at DGP are equipped with the knowledge to help you navigate through the Insurance System and to try and get you back on track in a safe and timely manner.

NB: Consultations are non Medicare Rebateable but reimbursed by insurance company once claim is accepted.

Please talk to  reception regarding payment process and inform your claim number and details if your claim is already accepted.

Is the use of extreme cold to freeze and remove abnormal tissue.

Pre-employment Check up

Some employers prefer to ensure their potential employees are healthy and capable to undertake the responsibilities of the role they are being offered. 

As part of the recruitment process, employees are required to undergo a medical examination. 

NB: Consultations are non Medicare Rebateable but usually paid by employer.

Commercial Driver's Medicals

Medical examination to ensure you are able to safely drive a commercial vehicle. 

Mental Health Care Plan

Patients with a diagnosed Mental health condition are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan which is a document that outlines the patients’ Mental health concerns, their treatment goals after discussion with their doctor. On Completion of this plan, patients will be entitled to Medicare Rebatable Psychology sessions with an Accredited Psychologist

You may be eligible to register for MyMedicare