Dickson Policies

Fees Policy

Dickson General Practice is a private billing medical practice. Our fees reflect the quality of medical care provided and are competitive to other Canberra General Practices. This means privately billed patients will have an out of pocket expense due to the Federal Government not catching up with the Medicare Rebates for patients since the last 10 years.

We understand that the needs of older people and children who need medical attention more often and frequently than others so we bulk bill (no out of pocket expenses) Children 5 years and Under, DVA Gold Card Holders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients who are registered with our practice.

Preventative health and Chronic care plans will be Bulk billed for eligible patients. These include:

  • Health Assessments for 40-49 year olds
  • Annual Health assessment for >75 year olds
  • Chronic Care Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Health assessments


Standard Consultation (Up to 20 minutes):
Rebate: $39.10
Long Consultation (Up to 40 minutes):
Rebate: $75.75
First Consultation (Always Long and Always Private):
Rebate: $75.75
Skin check (Skin clinic day):
Rebate: $75.75
Rebate: $39.10
Public Holidays standard consultation :
Rebate: $50.20

Theatre charges may apply to cover cost of consumables where applicable even for bulk billed patients.

Other services/ Procedures might attract a different fee, please talk to your Doctor or Receptionist if you have any questions.

Non-Medicare Rebateable services:

Any services that are not health related cannot be billed to Medicare as they are a private affair/ insurance related. Some of those services are as listed below. You will not have a rebate from Medicare for availing these services.

Workers Compensation claims:

Patients are expected to pay for the consultations until the claim has been accepted after which, the practice can bill the insurance company. Patient can claim the paid amount back from insurance company.

(Pre-) Employment medicals:

Dickson General Practice provides pre-employment medicals. An appropriate length appointment should be made after discussing the extent of the details of examination required by the employer.

Drivers Licence medicals

Travel Vaccination (Vaccination costs are extra to the consult)

Cancellation Policy:

Dickson General Practice understands that you may not be able to keep your appointment as scheduled due to various reasons.

As long as the practice is made aware of your cancellation, the time can be used for somebody in need of medical attention.

A fee of 25.00 will be charged for non-attendances or cancellations made less than 4 hours prior to appointment time.