Why Dickson GP
Discover 7 reasons why patients from Canberra and surrounds choose Dickson GP for their healthcare needs.
Dignity & respect for all patients
We are a patient-centred practice which means we genuinely care for all our patients, providing comprehensive health care to individuals and families across all ages, genders, diseases and conditions.
Experienced, knowledgeable doctors
With a great mix of highly experienced doctors, and enthusiastic youthful practitioners, stay informed of quality health care options available to best meet your health needs.
Holistic approach to health
Good health is more than just physical. Your mental, social and spiritual wellbeing are just as important in the bigger picture of your overall health.
Range of services in a convenient location
To make your life a little easier, we offer as many services as possible, including Dietitian, Psychologists, Pathology and Physiotherapy in one location.
View you as a partner
At Dickson GP, you’ll always be treated like a person, never just a number. We’re focussed on developing long term relationships which means protecting your privacy, and maintaining your health records by clinical team members.
An advocate when you need one
Navigating the world of the healthcare system can be frustrating, so we’re here to help you make appointments and get timely care with referral to specialists we trust.
Offering value for money
We know the financial stress of medical issues can be concerning so we strive to provide you with value for money and payment options where appropriate.